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skinny water low tide tour
low tide kayak adventure

$60 per person

$35 kids under 12

We offer "stowaway seating" for $20.  Our tandem boats can safely carry a third passenger - such as a young child who may not be up for paddling.  

Skinny Water Tour

This is skinny water paddling.  


Low tide is one of the best times to explore an aquatic habitat.  When the water level drops it brings an opportunity to see an entirely different collection of wildlife.   There are hundreds of species like conch, whelk, crab, sea urchin and more hiding in the shallow water.   On this guided kayak tour we regularly see many species of wading birds, including Egrets, Blue Heron, Ibis, and the Roseate Spoonbill.  This is the best time to see these birds in action, foraging in large numbers for their next meal.  Birds of prey such as the Osprey often make an appearance.  


We glide through the shallows often right next to prized game fish like Snook, Redfish or Spotted Sea Trout.  Watch dolphin corral and then charge their prey taking advantage of the narrow channels and coves.  

Your guide is a Florida Master Naturalist who grew up exploring the flats all over Florida and low tide is one of the the best times to explore.   This is the kind of tour where we like to take an up close look at these habitats.  

Check the calendar for availability as this tour changes with the tides.

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