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Estero Bay Ecotour

Join us for a day of paddling and wildlife observation in Florida's first aquatic preserve.  Home to hundreds of species, Estero Bay is a nature lover's dream on the southwest coast of Florida.  Paddle with a Florida Master Naturalist through this diverse estuary where every day presents a new adventure.  

Estero Bay became Florida's first aquatic preserve in1966.  Join us and witness firsthand what 50 years of conservation looks like.  Two rivers and a number of freshwater creeks flow into this bay, bringing the building blocks of marine life.  Kayak alongside Bottlenose dolphin, manatees, stingrays and countless species of fish.  Watch wading birds foraging through the flats looking for crustaceans or roosting in the mangroves.  

Your guide is a Florida Master Naturalist certified through the University of Florida and has been exploring coastal communities for over 30 years.  This place is wild, and we can't guarantee you'll see any one particular species, but your guide will put you in position to see the best of what the preserve is offering on that day.  

Book your tour now and discover what the preserve will show us next.  

$60 per person

$35 kids under 12

We offer "stowaway seating" for $20.  Our tandem boats can safely carry a third passenger - such as a young child who may not be up for paddling.  

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